Monday, August 16, 2021

Further on Fascism Diagnostics

We can call Fascism Inquisitorial government. Mythological Inquisition, not historical. Salem witch hunts, not Spanish Catholicism. It's about obsessing over sinners 24/7.

The dogmatism and xenophobia results because We Hold These Truths to be Self Evident, and thus everyone must have already heard the Good News of human genetic identicality. Anyone who suggests individuals differ is just a liar and a troll. Anyone rejecting human uniformity must be a vicious heretic bent on destruction of the Inquisition. (Egalitarianism wasn't narcissistic enough, so we made it more narcissistic.)

Utopianism is about attributing all flaws to malicious sin. Usually a specific human sinner, with an address and a family and so on. There's no such thing as an accident, an unfortunate (ugly) truth, or even simple ignorance. Something Must be Done, because everything bad is itself being Done.

The third point is about organized sinners. Obviously, the only way our organized Inquisitorial government could fail to wipe out imperfection is if there was an organized cabal of sinners who evilly sin against us for evulz. The Inquisition, of course, is totally pure and can do no wrong. 

I could probably condense those two points into one. 

Fanatics are of course no stranger to hypocrisy, so they consistently notice that one sex is less capable of upholding uniformity (to their twisted ideal) than another. A sane person would perhaps start wondering if perhaps the genders differ, but of course these fanatics are largely aware their beliefs are bullshit anyway. Can't wake up someone who is only pretending to be asleep. Thus one gender gets assigned to [sinner] status.

Obviously, while sin is sin, opposing the Inquisition is always a greater sin. Do you want sin to run rampant? Thus whenever a vote or even a law runs contrary to Inquisition interests, it is found to be sinning and rejected, no matter how consistent with its overt principles. 

Although non-Inquisition ideas are always sinful (see point 1) sometimes they're also correct, which means they have to be disguised as Inquisition ideas. Humanism means worship of humans, which means worship of homo hypocritus, which means worship of having no integrity. On the obverse, occasionally Inquisition tenets are discredited, and become totally untenable. Obviously reality can't be allowed to sin like that, and the ideas must be re-created by having them wear a skinsuit.


More generally, the purpose of Inquisitorial government is to find an punish sinners. If none can be found, they will be freely invented. 


P.S. Point six is reinforced by the revolutionary nature of theocratic egalitarianism, as described by Plato. The old shall revere the young, for the old are wise and the young are foolish. Everything old must be made new, else it be discredited for suggesting that old folks might differ from the young. 

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