Tuesday, August 31, 2021

"I don't know that I'll ever get completely used to smelling weed while walking/ driving around."
"It gives me this weird vertigo when I smell it in public and remember how many people I know who had their lives ruined over it little more than a decade ago"
"Kids were kicked out of school, thrown in jail, children stolen away from their parents over it. 

Over something that boomers now go to Colorado to sample like wine and that therapists encourage adolescents to use. 

Fucked, man"

Getting super cracked about drugs never made sense, especially while booze is still legal.

The Empire is exhausted. They can't maintain all the hysterias they would like to. They can't put on the 24/7 witch trials the way they could when they were younger. Have to save their strength for the important hysterias.

You know they're seriously in trouble when they can't even get it up for those.

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