Sunday, August 15, 2021

All government intervention is counterproductive. Public choice theory is just right all the time.

The only exception is cap-and-trade for acid rain. I wonder if maybe the government sees itself as genuinely owning those forests, so for once it was responsible action, instead of irresponsible action?

The Chinese aren't very communist, but they're communist enough that their ncov numbers were 100% fake from day one. We have no idea what actually happened. Was it contained? Not contained? It's hard to tell even in the G8. The hysteria was certainly real, but I don't know anyone who died of it - or even got sick, except myself - and you probably don't either. 

However, since government intervention is guaranteed to be counterproductive, even if they managed to contain the Wuhan outbreak, in the long term they will fail to contain the outbreak. It will be all costs and no benefits. Hence the recent problems with an airport. Fact is the rest of the world didn't contain it (as most likely China didn't, really) and will continually re-introduce it.
Most likely containment will fail on its own, but worst-case they will get tired of shutting down commerce every month or two and surrender to the infection.

P.S. Biological weapons of mass destruction aren't real because even the densest midwit in a leadership position is sharp enough to understand that you will infect your own country 100% of the time. 

Chemical weapons aren't real because they don't work. Just use a gun. It's easier, cheaper, and far more reliable.

Nuclear weapons are real, though they're not nearly as destructive to physical infrastructure as to psychological infrastructure. They're the apotheosis of shock and awe. Nuclear winter is almost certainly not real. Nuclear contamination is beneficial instead of harmful after about two years at most. 

The hydrogen bomb is the solar bomb, and the uranium bomb is the nova bomb. Turns out stars are life-giving, not life-ending. Sunlight and starlight is also purifying, which is why Regressives hate the technology so much.

All three do make properly hysterical ad copy. Uh I mean newspaper copy.


Anonymous said...

How long do you estimate it will take, worst-case, until people are tired of covid and we can move on from the hysteria and live normal lives. Asking because I will not get the vaccine.

Alrenous said...

They'll never get tired of cucking, and no politician wants to return to normal.

They will get exhausted by their own desires, though. The bad kind of nihilist always gives up sooner or later.

There will be another ncov wave in the fall, just like there was this year. Ncov-2021. Most likely this will trigger some extra hysteria, but it won't be sustainable. Newsreaders are bored of ncov. The articles will get bad ratings. This will make journalist and politicians (but I repeat myself) panic backwards, because they don't think about the future and it will catch them off guard.

So I guess I figure there will be some headless-chickening in the winter, and worst-case it's over by the end of spring.