Monday, August 30, 2021

Malnutrition Causes Obesity

I've come down on the position that Americans are fat due to malnutrition. My key phrase is filter feeding.

As far as the body is concerned, calories are just another kind of nutrient. If you can't get enough manganese but have plenty of calories, you keep eating until you get enough manganese. If you have plenty of manganese but not enough calories, you keep eating until you get enough calories. The issue is that farmers are being subsidized (everywhere) which means their plant husbandry is dysgenic. Farmers have bred plants for appearances, strongly to the exclusion of substance, in the apotheosis of the American style. Estimates say plants have lost 90% of their contents, though it's probably more like 40% or 50%. It's a lot, but American are hyperbolic in addition to being obsessed with appearances, and the hyperbole ought to be deprecated.

(E.g. brussel sprouts are still weakly bred, meaning they taste funny but are still sort of nutritious.)

Since nothing has nutrition, it's all junk food. There is quite possibly nothing you can get in a grocery store that isn't junk food. 

Whales have to drink enormous amounts of water to find a small amount of krill. You have to eat an enormous amount of plant material, or meat fed on farm cultivars, to get a small amount of vitamins and minerals, and as a result become whale-esque.

The key datum is that lab rats are also getting fat. It's definitely an environment thing, not laziness or other genetic problems. Maybe it's a ferociously poisonous and ubiquitous airborne pollutant. Or maybe even rat chow is made of plants, not from chemical feedstock, meaning they, too, are suffering malnutrition these days.


Doktor Jeep said...

You overlook the hormones in the produce.
They pump cows with hormones and milk it at least three times a day until its ready to roll over and die, but before that, per the laws, they make it use the last life it has to walk itself up the slaughter chute. Livestock must move under their own power.
So the average normie, after drinking the hormone laden milk and eating the hormone laden dairy, has some meat, which is GMO fed and full of hormones.
This is why you dont see just eat drink and be merry fat, you see deleterious obesity fat. Like women with small breasts but giant legs or arms. Men with jowls of a blood hound, "fat face", bull necks, pattern baldness at 21 (but the hair is not gone, just moved to the shoulders).
Grass fed non-rbst dairy only cost a buck or two more. The cost of produce has gone up enough to make the extra natural produce cost negligible.
But you will always see the sheep pile a shopping cart with absolute garbage the wheel it out to a fancy car.

Alrenous said...

I don't, actually, but good cope there.

Doktor Jeep said...

WTF? Cope?
I follow my own advice. I don't touch mainstream shit and stay away from high fructose. I was not trying to fuck with your points or "cope". I don't have any point to prove and I'm not trying to defend some kind of idea as if I'm the only one having it. In many discussions about nutrition the hormones put in food tend to be overlooked. I have been to countries where they don't pump hormones into produce and it's not a roiling sea of diobesity. Holy fucking hell. That's a cope?
Do you think I shovel all the shit you wrote about down my pie hole but then sit here, read your post, and be like "Nah. I just stay away from hormones! Thats all you need! I'm so leet! Let me go feel better about myself and post about it as a means of coping in light of such brilliance!"
I thought your points were correct. I wanted to add to it. But now that's a cope. Ok. Whatever.
Never mind.

Alrenous said...

The fact you're so agitated only shows I hit a nerve.

This means you were never trying to talk about ideas, as was obvious from the second word of your post. It was a social move.

I am autistic and this is the most niche of niche blogs. I have maybe four real readers including myself. Performing social moves here is the most pointless activity imaginable.

You are committing self-harm.
Good work, you clearly deserve it.

jorgen said...

So read more manga to get your manganese. Got it.

Alrenous said...