Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Property and American Property

Property is always owned by exactly one owner. 

"The Marxists I knew always said, “There’s no one in charge; to say so is conspiracy theory”. Ergo, someone is in charge. I think there are people in charge, perhaps they overlap and contradict each other; but someone makes decisions somewhere, even if clunkily."

At some point any property with multiple putative owners will see a conflict among the owners. There will be a dispute. One of the owners will win, who was the real owner all along. 

Although it is true the American system is designed to obfuscate ownership as much as possible. To make many feel [included], especially when they're not. No system, no matter how sophisticated, can abrogate basic logical laws.

It does succeed in finely dividing property that should be united. As I like to say, I estimate that America is in fact roughly 500 kingdoms. Not geographical ones either. There's a king of roads. There's a king of judges, who is different from the king of cops and the king of attorneys. There may even be one or two queens, though it's far from guaranteed. Wanna bet the EPA covers at least two kingdoms? 

It also succeeds in making title comically insecure. Any king who admits to kinghood will immediately see his kingdom get jacked. Another king will conquer it using catspaws, but won't be able to consolidate precisely because it's so easy to take. 

However, for the most part, kings finely control who is in the line of succession. Even though ownership is unstable, there's a consistent ideology. Plans, more or less, get carried out. On average. Also I rather suspect there's a Pope who is rather more secure and helps keep everyone else in line.
Secondarily the new king has the exact same interests as the old king and will think of pursuing them the same ways.

"But I haven't heard of any of their names in the news." Anyone who shows up in the news immediately gets jacked. Everyone at these institutions is ferociously selected for keeping secrets. Remember, America is in fact a banana republic. Any journalists who leaks without permission will likely end up actually dead, never mind fired. The public doesn't want to know, anyway. No demand. Real rulership is super boring. The best rulers do absolutely nothing at all. The public wants to hear about drama and incest and corruption and intrigue. America keeps a bunch of gay politicians around to provide these things.

P.S. Occasionally it's revealed that a thing was not property at all. There's lots of asteroids that are worth trillions or quadrillions of dollars, but in fact they're worth nothing because nobody owns them. This hasn't stopped e.g. some firms selling real estate on the Moon. 

You can sometimes witness big politicized fights over things nobody controls at all, which is revealed when someone wins and they complain there's a terrible conspiracy to stop them doing what they want with the thing.  

P.P.S. Cancel culture - more precisely, the modern Inquisition - is perhaps rooted in envy. The swamp creatures know they all have a sword of Damocles hanging over their head. They have to walk right and speak right, or they may actually die. Someone will tell Hillary they have information that could lead to her arrest, and then that's it.
Yet all these proles can say whatever they want? Fuck that. Fuck them. Have to make sure the corporations are as terrorized as the swamp is.
How can you have a communist terror regime if there's someone who doesn't live in constant fear?

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