Thursday, August 26, 2021

Comment Moderation Off

I'm going to try turning comment moderation off so you can post at will.
Bonus: at some point it became possible to turn the captcha off, so it's off now. 

That said if you post something I consider stupid or annoying, I will delete it. I consider it to be vandalization of my blog, so I don't think of this as censorship, but as tidying. If you don't understand the rules and find them frustrating, understand that I find vandal tears delicious. Kindly get even more upset. 

I do not appreciate comments on my blog; I am not grateful in any way. This is for your benefit, not mine. If you think of posting a comment for my benefit, it won't work, so refrain.

A spambot followed my blog for years. I think I've finally convinced it to stop vandalizing my ~zero reader blog, due to moderating them into oblivion. If they return, so will hand-moderated comments. 

Taking my troll hat off: I'm here to talk about ideas. If you are not here to talk about ideas, I am going to delete your comment. Though, fun fact: folk who aren't about ideas don't have the self-awareness to be aware they're not about ideas, so they'll consistently feel wronged and get upset. I will take this as more evidence demonstrating they're not about ideas.

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