Friday, August 27, 2021

Jehovah, Adam, and the Tree

Why didn't Jehovah put a damn fence around the Tree? Did he want Adam to eat the Fruit?

Obviously it would destroy the metaphor. Also, there's no story. "Jehovah put up a fence, Adam frolicked in Eden forever, the end." 

No, the problem is that allegedly Gnon wrote this book personally. You're telling me the creator god can't figure out a way of telling this story except giving himself the idiot ball? That's, uh, that's not how it works. That's not how any of this works.

The simple fact is the Bible makes perfect sense as produced by a bunch of nomadic desert goat ranchers. There are no weird inconsistencies. Everything in there are things goatherds could reasonably know, and the weird overreaches are all very effective rhetorical tricks as practised against other, more ignorant goatherds. 

By contrast, the Bible makes absolutely no sense if we suppose it is made by an omniscient deity. "Oh yeah, God Himself isn't very good at writing. Random movie scriptwriters are better. This makes perfect sense, right?" 

If we assume the Bible was written by goatherds, it's at least a little impressive. Those bastards got on the ball, and they stayed on the ball, dammit.
If we assume the Bible was written by a deity, it would have to be the lamest deity in the history of divinity. 

P.S. To repeat myself, the "miracles" likewise are all things which can either naturally occur or which we can now do through technology. No wonder some Christians were so anti-science; according to their own book, we are now literally as gods. A bit difficult to have faith in a god who can be outdone by a fancy pipe network, eh? Luckily this is because their book kind of sucks in absolute terms.

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