Monday, August 2, 2021

Finest Pro-American Declares America Moribund

Let's talk about set 4.
Set 4 is the meta set, it is about placing your other sets in juxtaposition, to find out what you yourself really believe; a task far less trivial than commonly appreciated. 

Prediction 1:

"This process [...] will require not just the powers of a general defending against an enemy invasion, but the powers of the enemy general." 

Revenge is Sour: if you can kill someone, there is no need to. The obverse: to get certain things done, there is a need to be able to kill anyone you want. In other words, to have proper military capacity. Arbitrary ability to declare and wage war. Even down to the individual, because they will certainly stonewall you, up to but not including trying to kill you back.

Prediction 2:

"Americans [are] completely harmless, apathetic and atomized" Prussian school is a hell of a drug. 

When we put these predictions next to each other, we find a problem. Generals aren't harmless; Americans are harmless. The enemy general with the capacity to reform the system cannot be American. The powers are not like an enemy general, the wielder must literally be a foreign invading general.

He cannot be a foreign invading general. As far as he knows, American nuclear weapons still work. Anyone who credibly declares war will be assassinated with solar hellfire. (Although the term "assassination" implies a certain surgical neatness which tritium ICBMs do not even attempt.) Knowing this, no foreigner will declare war, being as no drooling retard can gain the necessary authority to do so.

The Regime is dead. Nothing can or even seriously wants to fix this. 

The Regime is dead. As a zombie, it shambles on. As a corpse, it stinks sometimes. A buildup of necrotic gasses ruptures a boil, and this postmortem fart presents itself as "defending" the Regime.
Broke: refute the stench.
Woke: close your windows.

The Clintons and whoever Epstein pissed off clearly have the ability to wage war on individuals - provided the individuals are peasants, not in the protected aristocratic classes. Should anyone attempt a bloodless coup, they will find that certain residents of the jurisdictions called America are not harmless. (I wouldn't call them Americans, since they think of themselves as separate from the bulk of Americans, and act accordingly as a foreign occupying force. If it doesn't quack like a duck, has no feathers, can't swim, etc...) 

Bonus round: the CCP is deliberately imitating the American Regime and will slaughter China for meat exactly like America slaughtered itself, unless it stops trying to conform in this way.


Anonymous said...

Living in the world you describe makes me want to put a bullet in my own brain.

How do you avoid this. Clearly you do not see different from me.

BSRK Aditya said...

This is very convincing.

Alrenous said...

Fascism is indeed a dystopian ruling formula. However, as with all dystopias, it is weak. You can just not be Fascist and it can't do anything to stop you.

BSRK Aditya said...

If there is an institution that is as loyal to the new regime as NY Times is to the extant regime - you don't need the powers of an invading general.

The new regime will grow around the institution.