Monday, August 23, 2021


La Wik's article on mires is comfortably autistic. Explains the jargon rather than merely using it. 

"A fen is located on a slope, flat, or in a depression and gets most of its water from soil or groundwater (minerotrophic). Thus, while a bog is always acidic and nutrient-poor, a fen may be slightly acidic, neutral, or alkaline, and either nutrient-poor or nutrient-rich."

Hey you guys, what if you read encyclopedia articles to hear about the topic, instead of politicized religious catechism? If so, then this article. This one is good. 

"A simplistic calculation, using typical values for a Sphagnum bog of 1mm new peat added per year and 0.0001 proportion of the catotelm decaying per year, gives a maximum height of 10 m. More advanced analyses incorporate expectable nonlinear rates of catotelm decay."

Examples. Christ. What country did this come from?

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