Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Deism vs. Christianity

Insofar as Christian heavenly theology is divine, it is not very Christian. To the extent it is particularly Christian, it is not divine. 

E.g. you come up with deism. A personal god who has no personal interactions with individual persons. Uh, whoops. 

Jehovah allegedly made every living thing, but, coincidentally, demonstrates a knowledge of biology no more sophisticated than what a bright desert goatherd could figure out. His non-creative "miracles" are all things we could carry out with already-existing technology, never mind the natural explanations for these events. The only thing divine about them is the when and where. For centuries, Christians believed that witches could do all the things Jehovah did, but chose not to because witches were Always Chaotic Evil. (Grassmonkey gonna monke.) 

Like, there's some good stuff in Aquinas. It's hardly a pure ore, though. He gets to truth despite his religion, not because of it.

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