Sunday, August 29, 2021

"Religion Means to Rebind"

"Religion is the opposite of analysis, since it means “to rebind”. Symbol is also related, since it means “with throw”; it hits the mark and holds things together."

The True religion is the one which, when attacked as viciously as possible with the alkahest of analysis, doesn't unbind. 

Logic is ridiculously caustic. If you think you need a hazmat suit for dealing with dengue fever or hydrofluoric acid, you really, really need a psychohazmat suit for dealing with logic. Your brain will tell you immediately if you attempt to handle logic with your bare thoughts. On the plus side, dealing with HF or the black plague is of dubious use, whereas logic is one of the most powerful abilities you can possibly acquire. 

Logic is the alkahest.
The True religion is the container which can hold the alkahest. 

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