Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Regressivism is the assertion that industrial society is rich enough to afford stone-age sociology.

"Absolutely life-changing when I realized that the poor Yoruba, the poor in Yemen, the poor in rural India, etc. all had common suspicions of poisoning, witchcraft, and "stealing luck" aimed at the successful. 

That "limited blessing" #mindset defines poverty."

A theocracy of envy.

A recent Stonetoss is about the same. Naturally the sickly leftist voter envies the healthy, who are, by the leftist spite, driven to voting right even if they weren't that way naturally. However, it's just a bit too clear they're anti-health if they come right out and call lifting a right-wing dog-whistle. Also it's true, and as per usual they react to truth like vampires to garlic.


P.S. Instead of making the sign of the cross, you can drive off leftists by chanting "0 = 0!" and suchlike. 

"Men differ from women!"
"Noooo, not that, anything but that!"
"It's okay to be white!"
*melts like the wicked witch*

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