Thursday, June 17, 2021

TIL Marxists Genuinely Think Nobody Needs to Work

Marx was a pure avatar of brain damage.
Marxists think all the work will be done by machines.
My reaction: "Neat, nobody needs to work and we still have electricity and clothes and iPhones."
Also my reaction: "Are you literally the stupidest person who can still speak. Machines will never do all the work, you negatively-numerate incarnation of lies. Do you deliberately train to be as illogical as possible? Did your parents compete in a drop-the-baby competition? Every year?"

Because Marxists are convinced the factories are going to go away, they spin it around, making the factories go away, because they are literally insane. They address cognitive dissonance by re-shaping reality to conform to their delusions.

Of the many reasons Exit is absolutely critical, this is one of them. What kind of sick fucks let these absolute morons be in charge of a cookie drive, let alone a government?

Why this re-shaping doesn't cause dissonance I do not know. Mad folk be mad, I guess. 

Marxists' reaction: "Oh noes where will I work. I have to work!" They already think nobody needs to work, yet they want a job anyway, and yet they think having to show up on time to the job is radical injustice...

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