Sunday, June 6, 2021

Misogyny == Feminism

It is very obvious that feminism is rooted in genuine misogyny. Nobody wants to insult women and cause them to suffer more than a devout feminist. To a feminist, women have no power, no agency, and no ability to accept these facts so she must be patronized. She can be tricked by any man and every man, and happily signs up for abusive relationships unless someone forces her not to. Feminists have utter contempt for women and think they need to be punished for being so terrible.

"... If I'm understanding the plot it's that feminist theory built this creature in a lab for confused strategic purposes, but when it comes around it turns out to have implacable hatred for any life-form with XX chromosomes. Meta-ironic gore-storm then begins."

Feminist misogyny is simply manifesting as intended.
See also: declining female life satisfaction. Feminists as well as non-feminists know motherhood is good for women, which is why feminists hate motherhood and successfully campaign against it. If feminists have daddy issues it's only because they hate their mom for picking their dad. 

Naturally feminism is merely a special case of Fascism, which also hates everything it claims to love.

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