Saturday, June 19, 2021

Steve Sailer is a Fascist

A most apologetic Fascist, but still a Fascist. A somewhat heretical Fascist, but still fundamentally Fascist. Sailer doesn't like how America is so Fascist, but isn't willing to give up Fascism to solve it. Even if he did, he would lose his audience, since his readers are Fascist as well.

"The two realities that are fundamental to understanding the headlines of 2021 are that, on average, blacks and (to a lesser extent) Hispanics are more crime-prone and less smart than whites (much less Asians)."

Forget it Jake, it's Cope Town.

Murray: "Since we have been unwilling to say that, we have been defenseless against claims that racism is to blame for unequal outcomes."

Yes, an unwillingness to say things is indeed a serious problem.
This is how seizing the frame works. They make it about race, therefore the less-left has an excuse to also make it about race but in a different way, so they don't have to talk about how, for example, police were ordered to stand down and not stop the BLM riots, except of course the riot around CNN. 

Yes, it is true that lower-IQ populations are more susceptible to the effects of anarcho-tyranny. The Sauds can still keep crime down. The problem is the anarcho-tyranny, not the nature of the victims of the anarcho-tyranny.

Can we be 100% sure it's cope? We can. Anarcho-tyranny is, uh, not exactly a theory unique to me. Sailer has heard of it. He didn't think it was important. Only, Sailer is not a drooling moron. He did think it was important, but never talks about it because it's too spicy for him. The implications are too inegalitarian. It is not only dumb blacks, but dumb whites who do not deserve the "rights" and "freedoms" guaranteed by the 1776 insurrectionists. 

Ultimately the problem is that Americans are Fascist, which means they like anarcho-tyranny more than they like law enforcement. Demand for crime protection is too low.
Honestly, what kind of prole lives close enough to criminals to get victimized? Gross. What a rube. Don't like crime? You're not admitting you're poor, are you? 

P.S. Given that they refuse to even conceive of the truth, let alone say it, what's the point in not being cowardly? Why not say socially-acceptable things, instead of the truth?
Of course Murray failed to finesse that line. Oopsie, it was socially unacceptable anyway. Haha! It seems he was never fully cancelled, though. He doesn't work in a coal mine or ditch-digging these days. 

P.P.S. For our purposes, "dumb" might refer to everyone sub-130. If you're really optimistic, 115.

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