Thursday, June 24, 2021

Regressives Enslave Parents & Moldbug

My general impression is that Moldbug vaguely sensed something true, but cannot put into accurate words because, as usual, he lacks discipline. Because he can't put it into words, he can't bring it into focus, and thus managed to miss the point. Aimed centre mass - but unfortunately it was so blurred he confused it with the next target over. Ultimately he has made the exact conservative error he tried to describe. 

"Yesterday, you sent your son to school in the morning."

Incorrect. He is not your son. You can tell, because you sent him to school. 

He is the Regressive Regime's son, you're merely a slave caretaker who the Regime deigns to allow its child to be in the company of as long as you obey the Regime's strict child-rearing rules. You even sent the child to a Regressive Madrassah where thoroughly loyalty-tested Regime agents can continually monitor the child for any signs of heretical teaching or heretical treatment. You are what used to be called a pedagogue - child-leader in Greek, in the sense that a collared dog is lead by the leash.

Perhaps you doubt you're a slave. Does the Regime pay you for raising its child? You're a slave. On the contrary, you pay the Regime for the privilege of being scrutinized by its slave-supervisors.

It is still legal to simply not send your son to school. And indeed this is the correct answer, as the point of Prussian school is to cripple children. They're very skilled at this task. However bad a parent you might be, Regressive parenting is worse. Actively malicious.

Any agitation which secured the right not to hand your children over to Regime child-cripplers would be a significant victory. Anything which made it cheaper, easier, or more reliable. This is a victory the Amish have already won, incidentally. Aside from the strategic choice of target, such action would be identical to what Rufo in fact did.

However, for those who have enthusiastically embraced their pedagogic role, it is difficult to fight this fight. Sacrifice the children instead.

The anti-CRT stuff is basically Mr. Tumnus. One's conscience prickles when attempting to betray and sacrifice children, especially those you're related to by blood. However, unlike in Lewis' fervent dreams, the pricking is faint. (In almost all cases.) Slight, token gestures are enough to silence it. "Right, we're going to hand you over to perfect strangers who don't care about you, for the purposes of torturing you out of half or more of your potential, because that's just how we do things around here. However, we won't let them torture you in this particular way." Thanks Tumnus. When the Witch turns you to stone, I'm sure I'll get Aslan to help...probably...

If CRT didn't exist, parents would have to invent it.


As previously, Moldbug is a menshevik. Pursuing Moldbug avenues is a way of dissipating energy as opposed to applying it. It's porn. A way of tricking a psychological need into thinking it was met. Or, alternatively, of learning helplessness. 

I find it impossible to believe Moldbug does not excitedly teach helplessness to his own children. You can trust your thoughts to him even less than his children can.

P.S. Even were a bureaucratic education institution somehow an exception to Conquest's third law, it is obvious that the "students" would be subject to bureaucratic propaganda over which you have no control. At the very least consciously choose the propagandaplex the children related to you grow up with.

P.P.S. I suspect guilt or a related phenomenon is the barrier between Moldbug and non-programming intellectual discipline. If he were too disciplined he would have to venture further into dissidence than he's comfortable with. Therefore, discipline is actively avoided.

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