Monday, June 21, 2021

Leftism is Sinful Flesh

"Sartre, ugly and bitter and personally cruel; Althusser, depressed and murdered his wife; and Foucault, irresponsible S&M that led to HIV infection. Are leftist intellectuals just ugly, unpleasant people? Is it that simple? Ugliness and irresponsibility."

Yes. Afflicted with genetic corruption. The sins of the flesh makes them ugly and insane; they inherently conflict with themselves. Their healthy parts assume their sick parts are healthy. 

The irresponsibility is related. With a responsible mind they would remove their tainted blood from the gene pool. However, there are strong Darwinian forces that prevent that.

Further, they are rarely crazy enough to avoid noticing that their gene lines are doomed. Sooner or later they will be cleaned out of the species. Or the species itself will be cleaned off existence. 

"In the long term we're all dead." Well...for some values of [we], yes. Refresher: "morality" is approximately the tension between the short & narrow and the long-term & wide-scope. If you're a mutant leftist, why bother with the long term? In long term, they will realize you're not deserving. In the longest term, even Gnon's patience is exhausted. 

Mercy is to not allow leftists to exist in the first place.

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