Friday, June 25, 2021

Marriage is a Contract, Unless You Change Your Mind

Let's imagine other contracts worked the way the modern Western "marriage" contract works.

You go to a TV company, and promise to pay for a deluxe cable package...unless you change your mind. Then they have to supply a basic cable package to you for the rest of the firm's life.

You accept a job offer. It's not a fire at will sort of thing, but a long-term contract. You promise to do your job in exchange for pay...unless you change your mind. Then they have to pay you half your salary anyway for the rest of the contract's original duration.

You go to a grocery store and promise to pay for that watermelon...unless you change your mind. Then you get to keep half the watermelon anyway. If the store has no use for the remaining fruit, tough. If you almost buy two but change your mind, they hack them both in half, right on the counter there.

You get a mortgage. You promise to pay the principle and the interest charges as outlined in the contract, unless you change your mind. Then you get to keep the house anyway.

For some reason the 'employment crisis' keeps showing up in Huffpo articles. They keep telling cable companies to 'firm up' and offer TV packages. 

Marriage is outlawed. It's a gender-specific crime men commit against women. Customarily they're not supposed to prosecute, but at least half them do anyway, and it's a very serious crime with very serious penalties. Further, affords almost no way to demonstrate innocence.


Anonymous said...

What do you suggest men do?

Alrenous said...

This is the kind of thing to declare war over. "The central government has flagrantly betrayed us." Refuse to pay taxes or allow police in your territory, etc.

Since that's not going to happen, you're more or less hosed. Eat it.

Like, you get get a woman to agree that the central laws on marriage are hosed, and that marriage is none of the government's business, but women aren't exactly known for their staunch constancy...