Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Stone-Age Sociologists

Fascism is fundamentalist theocracy. The religion is egalitarianism. They are radical nurture fundamentalists, which is how they reconcile secular humanism with not being so batshit insane they can't even tie their own shoes or understand the relationship between currency and food.
More precisely, Communism is a fundamentalist theocracy, and Fascists, per Nick Land, are dispirited Communists. They wish for Communism but have recognized that Communism is impossible to create in physical reality, and have to settled for compromised Communism, which is correctly known as Fascism. 

Egalitarianism is inherently gendered. In reality, everyone is not equal, in any way, shape, or form, and as a result the "equality" is modelled after some individual. The specific individual doesn't matter much, except for the gender. Everyone is assumed to be a man, or everyone is assumed to be a woman. These hard-wired distinctions cannot be discarded, only distorted.

Russia and Germany went for masculine Fascism. America is a feminine Fascism. 

Ultimately Fascism is the attempt to cram a large industrial society into stone-age social mores.
Problem: humans are exquisitely adapted to living on grassland with mammoths in groups of about 100, and very poorly adapted to concrete jungles with rats & pigeons in groups of millions.
Solution: stick your fingers in your ears and sing "lalala I can't hear you" when industrial society differs from paleolithic society. 

As Russia, China, and particularly Sichuan* found out, if you deeply commit to stone-age sociology, everyone fuckin' dies because the carrying capacity of stone-age economics is (get this) at a stone-age level. Realizing this fact, either theoretically or empirically, is what transmutes Communism to Fascism. You can't stick your fingers in your ears and sing all the time, if you intend to not fuckin' die. 

*(Sometimes Szechuan, and yes that's Rick & Morty's sauce.)

There are several diagnostic indicators of Fascism.

1. Dogmatism and xenophobia.
2. Horror of leaving things alone; wu wei == despair.
3. Obsession with the Plot of a State Enemy, who is, as convenient, practically omnipotent or childishly impotent.
4. Monogenderism; the 'wrong' gender is considered to be a flawed version of the true gender.
5. Demotism with unprincipled exceptions.
6. Newspeak.

You can see they're inherent to the theocratic nature or inherent to the false egalitarian religion.
1) is common to all theocracies. Anyone committing a heresy and not immediately being struck down by Zeus is a threat to the false religion, because it has no natural support. On the contrary it is opposed by natural law, meaning anyone who is allowed to commit apostasy immediately gains a substantial competitive advantage. (America claims to be liberal and cosmopolitan because it is fact almost perfectly illiberal and parochial.) 2) obtains because Regressivism et al are rejections of modern industrial society. If you left it alone, heresy (wealth) would spread and folk would make do, extinguishing the impetus to destroy industrialism. 3) Is again the direct result of being a false religion. Because it makes bad prophecies all the time, both because of the bugs caused by the incompatibility of industrial mores and paleolithic mores & because egalitarianism is flatly false, there has to be someone to blame. Satan is awfully politically convenient, isn't he? These are secular false religions, so they blame immanent forces instead of eternal forces. Jews, Kulaks, Whites, whatever. As a bonus, since all the flaws of Fascism are blamed on anti-Fascists, the problems caused by Fascism itself get transmuted into justifications for further Fascism. "Communism hasn't been tried; we must do Stalin again, but harder." See also: America's permanent backwards day, where Fascists are called antifa, where anti-Fascists are called Fascists, and where masculine Fascists, such as Nazis or the KKK, are considered to exist. See also: bureaucracy in general. 4) is largely covered above. In addition, anyone modelling the 'wrong' gender is thrown out of public life. E.g. 'toxic' masculinity. Because of this, feminine Fascism, which involves insulting men, is far more stable than masculine Fascism, which involves insulting women. Further, women are far less principled so the Fascism can't be pushed as hard and the disease progresses more slowly. 5) if one person is a king, and everyone is identical, everyone is a king, which means everyone should have a vote. Some of the kings are evil tyrants (because anti-Fascism) but they'll be drowned out by the sensible middle class of kings, right? Right. Of course this is such pure nonsense even Fascists can't say it out loud with a straight face, so unprincipled exceptions to egalitarianism are made so that the country can vaguely function. Or, at least, so tyrants can parasitize in peace. Russia had elections except they simply invented the votes. Nazis suspended elections but totes promised they would abide by them anyway or bring them back or whatever. America (sort of) has elections except nobody but fully collared puppy tyrants are allowed to be candidates. American legislative bodies launder votes so they can pass whatever the fuck they want without any regard to "mandates" or any meaningful threat of losing their jobs; any 'bad' vote is blamed on low-information voters or structural racism rather than the representatives blatantly disobeying the represented bodies. E.g. California voted against gay marriage but it passed anyway. Californians did not object. 6) When stated in plain language, stone-age ideas are obviously paleolithic. Thus Fascists invent new jargon for themselves. The new coat of paint makes the retarded, repetitive nonsense seem fresh. Old words to describe the old ideas must be deprecated or, preferably, discarded entirely. Further, once tried, the stone-age ideas seem obviously paleolithic, and the new terms are discredited, forcing the Fascists to invent yet newer terms for the ideas they intend to repeat. E.g. CHAZ got discredited but the police hadn't been allowed to disband it yet, so it became CHOP. Likewise, the American original Communism was Owenism, which you have never heard about because it preached Communism in plain language and everyone not-Owen realized it was merely a huge ego trip for Owen. Owen tried it, and due to being Communist rather than Fascist, immediately got wrecked by Gnon. (He did not stop preaching Owenism.)

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BSRK Aditya said...

I am betting on them unable to integrate the by now > 100 odd (prospective) non returners.

(Also, the absorption does not work on egalitarian principles, this is a decoy used for rejection.)

And being able to absorb entities is crucial for survival - they are enslaved to the newscycle.