Friday, June 4, 2021

Coup Rhetoric Reveals Mens Rea

Certainly much of it is cynical manipulation. During a war you say the worst things you can about your enemy; the worst you can get away with. Make sure ingroup is as hysterical as possible about outgroup. To start with, Fascism is always especially xenophobic and anti-cosmopolitan.

However, the way and style in which they immediately jump to accusations of a coup is revealing their own internal paranoia. They're well aware they should have provoked a proper full-contact coup attempt. They're well aware they've done many things to deserve being thrown down. They are presenting this stuff as a great threat because it feels, to them, greatly threatening. So much so that even yoinking a ceremonial podium is threatening enough to possibly collapse the allegedly "rational" regime.

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Alrenous said...

But wait, it gets worse.
America isn't really one country. It's 500-1000 overlapping kingdoms. You can't take more than one or two a time by coup. Maybe a half-dozen if you're really brilliant. To get them all at once would mean laying waste to the countryside wholesale. Or at least the cityside. Would look a lot more like genocide than a series of coup.
Although they richly deserved to get coup'd, America is very very coup-resistant. Even if it worked it wouldn't work.