Friday, June 18, 2021

Local Maxima and Slaves

"<i>the power it takes to compel someone out of a local maximum and across a trough to a higher local maximum is the same power that it takes to compel them out of a local maximum and across a trough into your organ harvesting operation</i>"

In particular, it is the power of slavery. If you can do this to a person, you own that person. They are your slave.

In theory, a slavemaster could demand the slave do things for the slave's own good. In theory...

In practice, if someone can be your slave, they are your slave. At best, they are someone else's unsecured slave. You can't emancipate them even if you want to, because they are incompatible with free living.

Check: slaves are like children. If you "emancipate" a 3-year-old, what happens? They don't exactly become independent.

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