Saturday, June 26, 2021

Is Christianity Communist?

Pretty sure it's fake news. Merely a meme.
I still can't get a straight answer for why it's Communist. Sure there's a few commie-esque bits here and there, but they don't tend to get put centre stage. Christians don't think these bits of Christianity are important, and treat them accordingly.

It does have one commonality, though. Communism is about returning to the paleolithic. More precisely, to the garden of eden, where there was no shame or guilt, you just kind of frolicked around and it worked out. Likewise, Christianity is the same. In heaven nobody has any sinful impulses.
Though, even then. Christians think your sinful impulses will be removed. Communists (sort of) think your existing impulses are already not sinful. That any act you regret is caused by class warfare or false consciousness or something; making a mistake is impossible.

P.S. I've talked on twitter about how the garden thing is theologically wrong. Perhaps I should do so here as well.

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scholasticus said...

The Jerusalem church tried communism in the early chapters of Acts, everyone sold their land and laid the money at the apostles' feet, who eventually set up 7 administrators including Stephen to dole it out in the form of food. But it failed. In the end the Pauline system where people kept their land and jobs had to bail Jerusalem out in the form of Paul's collection for the needy saints in Jerusalem. But when Paul delivered the money some anti-Paul faction in the Jerusalem church had Paul arrested for taking Gentiles into the temple, which doubtless ensured this was their last bailout from Paul's Gentile churches. So the Jerusalem church collapsed. And that's why the majority of the New Testament is Paul, not the other apostles; because his non-communist system worked and their JudeoCommunist system flopped. But what church will teach it this way and this plainly? So instead many look on the Jerusalem communism with fondness and long to try the failed model, and that constituted the communist strain within Christianity.