Friday, June 4, 2021

Fascist Companies Gonna Fasc

The true religion is wildly different from any false religion.
When your religion is true, Gnon is constantly reinforcing your beliefs. "I believe X will occur," and then X in fact occurs. It is easy to be calm and collected.
When your religion is false, the opposite occurs. Your faith is constantly being "tested" by which I mean falsified. It is easy to be paranoid and insecure. 

Fascism is a form of fundamentalist religion. One reaction to having your faith falsified is to double down. Devils or the demiurge or racists or whatever are clouding your eyes and mind, right? Right. It can't actually be a fact that favoured groups have low IQ and disfavoured groups have high IQ. God wouldn't just dis your ingroup like that. 

Because Gnon is constantly dissing your false religion, the adherents must even more constantly reassure each other with signs and symbols. (As I like to repeat, firms continue as they are founded, thus express these symbols the same way across generations.)

Basically taunting Zeus and getting away with it. "May lighting strike me down if the pride parade and/or the persecution of Gyews isn't holy!" The proponent hasn't died or been imprisoned yet, so their beliefs must be good, right? Of course in reality Gnon doesn't give a shit about your stupid human blather. He just sends HIV and chortles to himself, and he was going to do that anyway. See also: child abuse rates under same-sex couples. Notice how no other category has pride parades? They're deeply aware the condition is shameful. They're not trying to convince you. They're trying to convince themselves. (It's not working.)

Fascism is characterized by totalitarianism, or the "public-private partnership" which means firms must first produce false-religious propaganda, and only secondarily products and services.
Though it is certainly curious that Fascism is so committed to ensuring the religion is unpopular. Is this Impact? The lack of a holy book? A natural result of the religion being particularly false? Perhaps the religion is selected for being particularly false so as to better justify parasitism. By contrast, imagine every firm throwing up a cross flag in like 1500. "Yes, we're all Christian here. We know."

P.S. I wonder if Christianity survived because Rome couldn't properly centralize doctrine? Communication was poor. The lies could be idiosyncratically papered over by the local priest without anyone noticing the discrepancy. Not even the priest himself. It would have to be idiosyncratic because the alternate lie that plays well with the bulk of the doctrine would vary from place to place and time to time. Religion suffers greatly when it becomes obvious that you have important doctrinal differences from the folk only a couple towns over, never mind other countries...

P.P.S. They seem to get more strident every time because the little cricket inside them keeps chirping on how they're wrong, and they're trying harder and harder to drown it out. Turns out the Christians were correct: even if you're fuckin' gay you're better off if you don't engage in homosexuality. Basically gay sex gives you a hangover and you need the hair of the dog to fix your mood, which in turn gives you a hangover... 

P.P.P.S. They know it's unpopular, and that's why they have to keep repeating it. It's not even popular with those repeating it, so they truly understand. It's far from any possibility of being taken for granted.

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