Monday, June 28, 2021

Past American Geopolitics as Applied to Present

When an American leader appears to be stupid, they're either lying or not a leader. The real leaders are responding rationally to real strategic considerations that you're not being told about. Almost as if military secrets are considered secret. 

You can read this to get a flavour of what these sorts of secrets would have been in the past, in addition to learning how they responded to these considerations and thus how they're likely to respond in the future.

Indeed most of them still seem secret, albeit of lesser importance than Min Read makes them out to be. Did you know New Orleans is a strategic keystone to American economic hegemony? It's okay if you didn't know - even if you ran around telling everyone you knew, it would still remain secret. You can't cancel anyone for opinions about Louisiana, after all, what's the point of remembering anything about it?

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BSRK Aditya said...

I am not sure if I want to take this seriously.

For instance, it says that America uses divide & conquer to prevent the rise of rivals.

Social justice, for example, creates unity & homogeneity among Indians & Pakistanis.

Another name for divide & conquer - respecting local customs, ideas etc.