Friday, June 4, 2021

Modification: Conservatives Aren't Only Masochistic

Previously I realized American conservatives must prefer failure to success. Slave morality: if you get flagellated, you're worthy. The more badly punished, the more worthy you are. I've now identified a second fraction. (A very obvious one, in retrospect.) The one that thinks they're winning. "What does victory look like? We're advancing! Advancing in a retrograde fashion!" 

I'm tempted to wonder which fraction has worse mental problems.
On reflection, isn't it obvious that only those with severe mental problems would voluntarily take up politics? No, the only question is what kind of politics your brain damage forces on you. Turns out masochism or delusions of grandeur cause you to become a "right"-wing politician. Meanwhile the further-left is the result of insecure narcissism or sadism, among others.

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