Thursday, June 3, 2021

Dump it in the Ocean

Approvingly linking to a moron makes you sound like a moron. WTF is wrong with your face?

"This post is not meant to be advice for gun people, abortion people, or low tax people; those parts of the right have figured out how to have influence and are doing relatively well."

Oh my god.
Yes, America can absolutely be described as a place with strong abortion restrictions and low taxes.
You absolute nincompoop. You cannot possibly be as stupid as you're pretending to be.
American ""right"": proud of being graceless, gauche liars.

Of course pretending to be stupid means writing, to the best of your ability, like the avatar of brain cancer. It is worthless at best. If he has any good points it will be faster for me to think them up on my own than trying to extract them from this sewage. 

Dump it into the ocean and have done with it. 

Q: Why does the outsideness account attract moron followers?

A: You're not seriously asking, are you? Should I also explain why the Sun rises in the morning and why circles generally don't corners?


CovfefeAnon said...

The idea that wokeness is the logical end result of civil rights law is something that absolutely needs to get through the heads of the non-left.

Alrenous said...

Sure. And it's somewhat encouraging that even morons can see it.

However, the time to be concerned about civil rights law was the 50s. It is now what Handle calls "regime complete" and nothing short of full-contact military intervention can reverse it. The moron is probably hoping for 'success' the way America has strong abortion restrictions and low taxes.

The wording of civil rights isn't even that bad. The problem is McCarthy was right. The problem is re-interpretation by Communists used to justify the most destructive possible incarnation of the laws. Get rid of the Communists and the laws would lose their teeth within three years. Except, McCarthy was wrong: Commies aren't foreign, they're domestic. Getting rid of Communism means getting rid of America.

There's also the issue that they [i]still[/i] think corporations have true believers, even though CEOs somehow never tell these deeply-seated beliefs their Beijing marketing departments...