Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Early Biden-stage De-Legitimization

In the past there were lots of stories like the Wuhan lab-leak theory, but they were buried. This time it isn't being buried, because stealing the election de-legitimized the system.
Certain strata have stopped buying into the system, realized they have nothing to lose, or have a new audience of folk who have [short sold] the system, so to speak. 

Previously, those with receptive audiences who might repeat the lab-leak theory were told they were making an enemy of the system. However, they've realized the system is already their enemy. "Gonna become my enemy? But, what's going to change, though?" "Huh, with these goggles it looks exactly the same."

The Gamestop short squeezers knew they might piss off the Regime. Now they've realized the system doesn't have anything to offer them anyway. They must succeed outside and despite the hegemon, or not at all. They can't get money and prestige. Prestige is right out, but maybe they can still get money and infamy.

This is exactly why they didn't want to steal the election if they didn't have to. However, they panicked, and thought they had to.

On one hand, maybe there's some backed up demand. It hasn't been six months yet, but we can see it might peter out as Statements are Made and thus ""honour"" is satisfied. Surge in demand => surge in supply. Followed by a lull in demand, or we wouldn't call it a surge.

On the other hand, maybe it's only been six months and folk are still in shock and/or dazed. It hasn't really begun yet. Further, the system is genuinely not legitimate and everyone has seen the emperor naked. The sentiment will only spread.

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Karl said...

Prestige has always been something that a man can have in relation to some and lack in relation to others.

So if someone voices a critical attitude to anything that is dear to the government, he can't have presitige in relation to anyone who supports that government, but he might well be gaining prestige among those who dislike the goverment.