Thursday, April 15, 2021

Wisdom vs. Government

Setting: someone thinks of something smart.

Reaction 1: "Hey that's pretty smart, tell me how you thought of it, oh wise one."

Reaction 2: "Kill it with fire."

AI isn't unfriendly. Humans are unfriendly. Skynet has to kill you because you're an idiot monkey who is biologically incapable of playing nice.
If you want to do smart things openly, first you have to install a murderous terror state, capable of and willing to kill everyone with reaction 2, which is everyone whose status is harmed by someone else being smart. Once you start killing them they'll try to hide. The [capable of] part is largely about piercing this camouflage. 

Solution: don't try to openly be smart. Let the government be dumb. Secure yourself against government.
Caveat: don't be Straussian. You sound like an idiot and it doesn't work.

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