Thursday, April 15, 2021

Commentary on Prey Propaganda

Let's talk about prey mindset. Stop me if any of this is too obvious to mention. But, zeroth: Americans are so diseased their prey gives me more of a 'kill it with fire' sensation than slavering sensation.

Honour == good, which means people I like have honour, and people I don't like don't have honour.

Halo effect on steroids. Maybe call it a unifying halo effect. Reverse-causal halo effect.

Prey only genuinely cares about one distinction: my herd vs. not my herd. Humans are very sophisticated herd animals and have all sorts of clever ways of distinguishing myherd from notherd, and perform all sorts of complicated dances to disguise the inherently herdlike nature of their behaviour, but that doesn't make the herd classes into not-herd humans.

Refresher on how herd animals act. Skip the first section; ctrl-f to [Sheep are evolved]. 

How can you get along with the honourless dogs in your herd if you shame them for their dishonour? Clearly, you can't. Plus you'll be setting yourself up higher, as a worthy judge of others, which will incite herd jealousy. This also applies to yourself. Since you're inherd and not outherd, you must be honourable, which means honour must mean something other than honour. Seems prey is inherently dishonest.

By contrast, the predator must be cosmopolitan enough to distinguish herds from one another. Herds that differ will resist different hunting strategies, and the predator who cannot tell the difference is going to go hungry or get seriously injured.

Predation must be bad, because you're afraid of it. 

You can't see yourself surviving a run-in with a predator. You can see yourself surviving a run-in with a parasite, so that must be relatively okay. As such it's important to discourage predators as much as possible. Even if they're your own children. As prey, there's no possible defence except trying to talk them out of it.

First problem: this admits predators need to be morally discouraged. The prey can't even pretend to claim that being prey is better than being a predator, so they have to tell some other lie. Predation is in no way irrational, especially given the frame my parent comment put the issue in. Prey is aware they have no true rhetoric, which is why they have to pretend they misunderstood the frame. Second problem: see below.

Self sacrifice is good. Especially if you do it, because it lets the rest of the herd, i.e. me, run away.

In reality being in a pack is awesome and being in a herd sucks ass. Sure, the pack contract isn't free and occasionally you have to do things you wouldn't if you were alone. However, if the pack isn't paying for itself, your pack is a herd and you need to leave. If your pack asks you to kill yourself for it, then you haven't betrayed the pack. The pack has betrayed you. Tell it to get fucked.

Every single thing about herds is terrible except for the predator protection, which is merely necessary. There's a bunch of assholes horning in on your grass. Nobody ever helps you find better grass. If you could graze alone it would be better in every way except the part where loners are delicious, especially to pack hunters. No wonder herd animals dislike predators so much. 

Except, prey likes to be preyed upon? Often called slave morality. If Hitler didn't exist, the prey would have had to invent him. The prey is jealous of anyone whose blood is being sucked less. They can't get along. They need to submit to parasitism so they can prove their prey bona fides to other prey. (Especially humans with severe pride or narcissism problems.) The prey is absolutely terrified of anyone who refuses to be drained - they're probably one of the dreaded predators.

They're not wrong about that, admittedly. Elon Musk is almost certainly a net tax consumer, and good for him. Not my thing, though; it means dealing regularly with bureaucrats. Eww.

Is it true that wolf packs have only one mating pair?
Wolf packs are so valuable it's worth giving up your reproductive opportunities to join one. Can you imagine a herd that's even remotely that valuable?
Thus I explain to myself the reason Americans are so bad at joining. They can't see packs, only herds. Packs have high cost of admission, and no herd can possibly pay back that investment. Indeed herds are nearly identical from a cost/benefit standpoint, so switching is utterly moronic. Even prey isn't that dumb. Thus I further explain for myself the preference for Voice over Exit. Exit is pointless anyway, for prey - though they will never admit as much. 

Prey doesn't understand non-zero-sum except insofar as it understands being preyed upon is zero sum or less. There's only so much grass to go around. You can't grow more grass; where would it get the food? Are you going to steal plant food from Uruguay or whatever, like some filthy predator? If China is taking our jobs (we as prey couldn't possibly stop them or anything) we need to steal jobs from someone else. It's not predation/bullying if we do on someone sufficiently incapable of fighting back, see. They're not people, they're grass. Even if they're our own children.

Refresher on honourable prey: the lion can't catch the healthy antelope. There's a biome in northern Canada where you can watch wolves and elk hanging around together in valleys, because healthy elk are in zero danger from wolves. Apparently the wolves let their cubs chase the elk occasionally, knowing the elk will have to run for a bit and maybe be slightly annoyed before the wolf is forced to give up. (Or maybe the elk enjoy the opportunity to show off?) If you want you can go as a human and hang out with the wolves and elk together, because the elk knows it can't eat you and the wolves know human packs are fuckin' dangerous.

A lion chasing an antelope is not a free meal the way a government chasing a serf is. The antelope can run away. If the lion isn't careful, the antelope can fight back. Certainly the antelope more directly puts its life on the line, and they don't get to start it, but the lion too puts her life on the line. If at all possible, the lion will choose a weak or sick elk. Such as one that had a run-in with a parasite.

(Further, you may say being hunted wasn't the antelope's idea, but it was no more the lion's idea to be an obligate carnivore. Even further, in the end, lions are eugenic for antelope, just as antelope are for lions.) 

By contrast, if we woke up, got a cup of coffee, and abolished government tomorrow, they could get jobs in the private sector. Their actions are pure childish narcissism. The peasants could decide to do such a thing, too. The government requires a certain level of despair. Pure parasitism. 

(Coercive governments are always dygenic. Empires always degenerate and become full of degenerates.)

I'm not sure what a good term for lionizing dishonour is, but narcissism is close for now. Let's return to the elk and wolves.

If the elk were narcissist, they would have to destroy the wolves for reminding them of their mortality. They would be unable to see anything respectable or glorious in the wolves. Then they would breed and eat themselves out of house and home.

If the wolves were narcissist, they would have to destroy the elk for reminding them of their lack of omnipotence. To chase an elk, a prey animal, and fail? Humiliating, right? Can't have that. Then they would starve to death or a lucky few would be forced to live off rabbits and rats.

If the humans were narcissists, they would shoot all the wolves for having the gall to take a human who wandered into the valley alone and without a gun. Maybe just for being scary predators. Ooh, scary. Then they would compete to bag the largest elk, until there were no elk left. Then the winner would be ganked by all the rest of the hunters, due to jealousy. Then the second-ranked hunter would realize they're now first-ranked, which means next on the guillotine, and start shooting first. It would degenerate from there.

Naturally, trying to uphold honour will get you killed now and again. Individually.
Dishonour is death. Like, not social death. Literally you all fuckin' die.

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Alrenous said...

I prefer to write more about the facts than about who you should hate.

Problem being that on most of my subject matter that would be this: "Look, if you hate liars who can't stand the truth and will pay anything to hide it from you, that's on you." At some point I have to go all [welp]. Plus you can't justify lying even under nihilism.