Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Actionable is Low Status

I got a comment censored.

Probably political. "See this nice man! He's so nice! Be his friend, okay?" Obviously you can't allow folks to show he's kind of a dweeb. That's just socially uncool, dude. Tabarrok will ask you why your fluff piece has meanypants writing below it, by which he means you need to delete that shit yesterday.

I mean really I'm just trolling so they should censor all my comments, not just one here or there. I expect a great deal of, "Hated them because they spoke the truth." Provoking cog dis on purpose to satisfy predatory urges.


Of course I can and will simply reproduce it here. Not only that, but here I don't have to be polite.

In America, cope is high status. "As long as you're properly being a shitbag, I'm okay and you're okay." Action means change which is low status. Especially if you can do it while minding your own business and not telling anyone.

Perhaps America is one giant game of trying to be the guy sitting around being fanned and fed grapes. Don't act; just talk. Everything will be done for you. To an American, you have to be that guy or you're nothing. Might as well shoot for the moon. 



If all ncov deaths in America were excess deaths (and we ludicrously assume America isn't faking its numbers) then there should be an extra 0.7 deaths per 1000.
In reality the crude death rate has been going up by about 0.1 every year since 2013, and there's not so much as a kink in the line. (You always want crude death rate because it's the hardest to fudge.)
There are corroborating reports from Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, etc.

You don't need a vaccine. You don't need a mask either - though admittedly I can't explain why that is. What you need is very large doses of vitamin D, which immunizes you not just against ncov but against all viruses - rhino, flu, doesn't matter. Probably bacterial infections too.

For [nutrition scientist] reasons the "safe upper limit" for vitamin D is set at around 1/4 of what you produce naturally by going outside for half an hour at noon. I personally need 2.5 times the "safe upper limit" to become totally immune to infection. At 2x the symptoms were so mild I have to say I -think- I got ncov but I'm not quite sure. I had the lingering cough? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I used to get a painful ear ache every year from a cold. Now I get no symptoms at all. Maybe I'm a little low-energy for 2-3 days, if that counts.

This personal n=1 study is fully backed up by regular Official studies. I originally got the idea to try such large doses from the side-effects of a diabetes study which involved 35,000 IU per-day doses, nine times the "safe" limit, which also found it made them immune to flu.

I've been regularly taking 2.5 times the "safe" limit for about six years. There is a side effect. I have a dry patch of skin on each middle knuckle. I could fix this with fish oil (omega-3) but it's over $100 a month worth of oil. 

Tabarrok is a Fascist, arguing for more Totalitarianism for the usual sadistic reasons. Either that or he lives up to the standard of the Marginally Intelligent Non-Revolutionary and has no idea what he's talking about. Lefties gonna left; it doesn't matter. Either way he's full of shit and can not only safely be ignored, but cannot be safely listened to without serious psychohazmat gear.

"Tabarrok has repeatedly been proved right." Proved lol. Is this from Snopes? Yeah they'll fudge the numbers as hard as they need to for ego defence. Didn't you learn from the 2020 election?


Parisian said...

My god, I get the literal spoonfeed this time, even if you didn't intend it: 1) I ask about minutiae of Vitamin D and you tell me I'm 'asking to be spoonfed', and I get all sulky. 2) I interpret a post from last night and feel spoonfed. 3) You answer what I wanted to first be spoonfed with and I become euphoric unto surfeit. I will therefore take 2x the "safe upper limit" every other day and 3x the "safe upper limit" because of that diabetes study of 9x it, and that I cannot split these--they are the gels. I will look for regular tablets next time, and then I can take 2.5x too, they will either be breakable or I can use my pill-splitter.

The stockbroker that came here a little while back was always talking about 'low-status males'. Well, you're sure not low-status even if he has more money (he once talked about how "I really should move to New York because of the enhanced prestige...but the taxes" I could have said "Dawg, I already have that, and New York has enough of it anyway".) I remember what Garance says to Baptiste in Les Enfants du Paradis, but I won't say it. Sometimes some Mae Westism is okay, but not always (even though the line from Garance is not Mae West-ish,my saying it would be slightly tinged with it. You know well I don't fight my weakness for Noble Grape--which is why I'm not a low-status male either, but the stockbroker would say I was...)

Alrenous said...

Sulky? You need to learn to read. I didn't say anything I hadn't already said.

Parisian said...

Yes, you did. You said 'more than twice the safe upper limit', but you didn't precisely say 2.5. And I'll be awhile being able to gauge it, and I'm not going to push it with you any further; it should work if you say it does, and beyond that, it is not exactly interesting. I know you have to do this in reaction to some of my efflorescences, so they don't go too far.

Or maybe you were talking about the old thread where you said I was asking for advice before, but now I was asking to be spoonfed. You had not said that before. You had never told me I was asking to be spoonfed. I wouldn't forget that.

Okay, what works with you on amounts of Vitamin D is not going to be exactly the same, and I'm not going to get into it in so sensitive a way. Since I started taking it, I haven't noticed anything, but I guess you have to rely on tests, etc., or just a long enough period of time. I definitely am in the sun for more than half an hour every day.

I checked these things just now. Obviously I'm just going to "take more than twice the 'safe upper limit'", and I'm not going to think about it any further. I probably thought you might want to specify, but I assure you this is quite enough.

So I need to learn to read, eh? Well, I've already told you what you need to learn to do, and that's too long a list anyway. That's the same kind of remark that made me sulky before, because it was like your 'cruelty' ideas: Cruelty could not be 'a surprise'. Well, that seemed cruel and a surprise, so you shouldn't have done it. This time, you have at least mimicked yourself and I'm not going to get pissed since it is exactly the same mode. This is just one of the ways you talk. I don't take it personally anymore, and you needn't take my rhapsodies or whatever, personally. I'm sure you'd say you don't, so that's all the better. I'm not here to piss you off, and I just finished Machines Like Me from 2019, the artificial 'Adam' is somewhat like you in his ethics, but we cannot go into that. I was just surprised you started talking about Vitamin D again when it was about a censored comment. Okay, maybe I can't read: I didn't see your comment in the post, or you didn't say "Here is the comment", I just know it had to do with Covid and you think this Alex is a Fascist, you don't think we need a vaccine or a mask, and you're not sure why about the last.

You always have the other options anyway: not publish my comment (I didn't expect you to, neither of them), tell me to fuck off, or, certainly, to 'learn to read'.

I'll write as I please. You have privilege of censoring here, but you cannot tell me what or how to write. You don't even have to read it if you don't want to. I've often done that when various types wouldn't quit trolling me. Anyway, NO, I do NOT think of myself as 'your girlfriend', so if you were planning to get around to that again, you can just lay off. But why would I care what you think of the way I live? I like it, it's my PROPERTY, it's unique and I do it well.

Parisian said...

Okay, you can just tell me how I didn't understand any of your post about the children. I mean, if I didn't. I thought it might have been directed toward me, but you may never be thinking of me specifically, even when it's something about music in addition to the rest. That would tell me not to write here at all anymore, which I'm fine with. I have tended to usually respond when I think I, myself Parisian, can have been understood as someone who tends to write here fairly often, but if I'm getting all of it wrong, I won't respond again to a post like that, which seemed as if designed for me to respond to. But that's all right--maybe it wasn't, and you don't do that ever and never have. But I just zeroed in on how that could be the problem, and in fact, we communicate only through your occasional terse responses in the comments, but I am not to see the posts themselves as ever being directly related to me. That would be fine, it would be a completion, and I guarantee I'd never write here again, because I'd KNOW I shouldn't.

You've already told me you found me 'disappointing', maybe once you've made up your mind about that kind of thing, it never changes. Eh bien? Of course, if you're only disappointed in me 'psychologically', I have no business here and want none. One thing I do forget is that we both have well-developed wit and humour, but don't find the same things funny or important much of the time. Go with it where you wish. There's no reason I should try to 'please you', although that probably comes automatically. You don't care about 'pleasing me', because you think that sort of thing is shallow, or whatever. This may have been a totally mistaken impingement on my part this time, and I probably should have just stayed away. I don't like getting scolded or condescended to anymore than you do.

Parisian said...

No, definitely does not work. You won't seduce me again, so stop trying (I know that you do that, it's not even a subject for discussion.) I'm not going to read your responses, so you might as well not even write them. We are not friends. You knew that already but I didn't.

Coming here is by now like a form of self-injury. So just forget it. I get nothing here by now that I don't get better of elsewhere. But you're violent, and I can't take chances with you, given how unsatisfying this faux-dialogue has become, how you don't let it evolve or even be. That's because of the worst parts of the right, and you subscribe to all of them as if they were all created equal.

I won't read any more of your comment-answers to me, if any. If there's anything you need to tell me, then say it in a post and directly, none of your usual passive-aggressive ways that lead to more hard-glare stuff.

Put simply, we seemed to have some kinship, but by now that has been replaced by dislike of each other. I'm just as disappointed in you as you are in me. There was never much we could collaborate on, even in the most casual way.

Alrenous said...

Hugging is the not the problem with hugboxes. The problem is that they're fake.

Keep that shit to yourself. Putting in public? Virtue signalling. AKA lying.

Turns out Cowen and Tabarrok don't respect each other. I don't respect them either, so this makes sense. Turns out they're not completely delusional.