Friday, April 23, 2021

If Inspiring Envy is Sin, Whites Are Evil

Refresher: "white" isn't a race, instead an artificial American legal category.

Christians: pride is the sin, which includes feeling envy, which is the conviction that you are owed or entitled to something you have not built yourself. 

Fascists: inspiring envy is the sin. If you've created anything that someone else hasn't created, you're wrong as a person.

Since the only sin is inspiring envy, then whites are indisputably the vast majority of sinners. Since envy-worshippers aren't very bright, they can't tell the difference between 'most' and 'all' so in fact whites are the only evil race.

Since holding two races in mind is too difficult, asians get to be honourary whites for being a firm second place in the envy-inspiration sweepstakes. 

If All Men are created Equal, then all Men who are not Equal must have signed a contract with the Devil.

Perfectly logical, see?


Alrenous said...

The envy-worshipper is committed to dishonour. They can't admit that their sin is inspiring envy, because then they would have to admit to envying the alleged sinner. They have to come up with all sorts of terms which all mean [envied person] but don't sound like that prima facie.

Racist: someone other races envy.

Sexist: someone women envy.

Ableist: someone retards envy (if they can remember they exist).

Kulak: someone paupers envy.

Jude: someone Germans envy.

Alrenous said...

Should you clean your room and tell the truth? Absolutely.

Is JBP ever going to mention that all non-leaders of BLM are just jealous? Hahahahahaha...

Alrenous said...

When I say "Americans" JBP is not excluded, merely not explicitly included. A little anti-narcissism find-and-replace:

"I have come to believe what I write. I have come to accept as true what I say, and come to accept as false what I don't say. I have pathologized my deepest intuitions by lying. When I am in trouble there is nothing to save me."

Parisian said...

Can you think of an American who is not only unphazed, but appreciates being called a racist? Genuinely happy about it?

YES! ME! But I admit not with a bunch of Compton Bloods nearby. Okay, I can't take on those big bucks, and don't want to be macheted to death for worthless scum.

But the Washington Post comments? I've been called that over and over and have always enjoyed that at least I can get away with it there. I've bragged on my White Privilege there. You can't do this at NYTimes because they actually read the comments first and moderate--which is better in most cases. At WaPo, it's a free-for-all, and the least important, the gold-digger from Baldwin Hills, drew many accusations of racist and there wasn't a thing they could do but report me or 'ignore me'.

I know that's not impressive, although I'd say it around my family.

Doesn't even mean I don't like some spades, and am automatically just as nice with them as anybody. Does mean I'm a RACIST, but to be thought that for no conceivable reward but mayhem is another thing.

BSRK Aditya said...

What positive action is the opposite of envy, the way generosity is the opposite of stinginess?

Alrenous said...

Classically it's gratitude. You can imagine someone giving you cash charity. 1) You envy them for having spare money. 2) You thank them for sharing. I would add admiration. Rather than letting someone doing better inspire envy, you let them be straight inspiring.

If we're going all the way, then offering to help someone become more admirable than you are. I think it's stuff like swearing fealty? Someone with many sworn vassals is more admirable than someone with fewer; to offer fealty is to humbly admit they're better and help them be better-er.

Alrenous said...

Want to sharpen 2).
You can envy them for having money to spare, as if them having the money was the cause of you not having the money.
Or, you can be thankful that they were not only richer than you, but so much richer that they could afford to offer a hand when you're down; humbly accepting that their greatness isn't the cause of your inglory.

Of course sometimes it really is the cause, which can make things complicated.

This sharpened point generalizes. Anyone showing off is an opportunity to learn to be great like they are. Or, at least, an opportunity to hire them to display a virtue you lack. In any case it's generally a good thing, rather than a bad thing, no matter how psychologically difficult it can be to accept this.
Would you rather a world where everyone but you were flagrantly glorious, or a world where everyone were terrible and you hogged all the glory for yourself? Especially since you would do fine ultimately in the first world, what with all the charity.

However, the complication doesn't go away. Society is always unjust to some degree or another. If someone is gathering prestige and the appearance of glory by exploiting a vice: this isn't a situation where rejoicing is rational. Copying a vice is bad for you regardless of how rewarding it might be, and attempting to tear them down is just, rather than unjust. (If the ROI is favourable.)

The truly envious claim that anyone who does better than they do is exploiting a vice. It should be preposterous, but, in practice...