Friday, April 16, 2021

Wars are Dishonourable

All modern wars are based on lies and therefore dishonourable.

It is hardly impossible to have an honourable war. I have to imagine, given Rome's brutal realpolitik, that Caesar's legions knew they were fighting for Caesar's right to break the law whenever he damn well pleased. I wouldn't have fought for that, but it's none of my business and not my decision. While it's still true that Rome would have been vastly better off had Julius been drowned as a baby, this war, at least, was honourable.

Remember the difference between murder and vig. It's fine to kill someone as long as you kill them from the front. Take responsibility for the life you're trying to take.


Alrenous said...

Also important not to be tried for murder after committing vig, especially if the trial will end in a guilty verdict. Knowingly allowing yourself to be convicted of a false charge is particularly wrong. Maybe not betraying others can be difficult at times, but at least don't betray yourself.

Alrenous said...

P.S, Caesar story:
"I'ma break the law."
"Shit, I'ma get caught for breaking the law. What with having done it openly at all. No, fuck it, I'ma start a war for my right to break the law whenever I damn well please."
Legions: "Oksy doksy."
"Yay, we won! Now it's legal for me to break the law! Wheee!"
Later, even his supporters got fed up with his inability to follow a rule, and had him brutally stabbed.
They didn't do anything about that whole Emperor thing though, because they liked the idea of themselves or a puppet being able to break the law whenever they wanted. Worked out great in the end, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

*brutusly stabbed