Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Lost Country, America

When an American take is off the mark, it is consistent with America's founding principles. It seems to be deliberately attempting to distort perception.

The declaration of independence was a pack of lies, whose intent was to stoke hatred for Englishmen. It shouldn't surprise me when Americans lie obstinately, but rather when they don't. What needs explanation was the rude good health of early America, rather than the late decadence. The latter is merely the purified original intent.

Problem: Americans are significantly English. Hatred of Englishmen gets corrected to self-hatred. American masochism was baked into the founding philosophy. 

I keep thinking, "They're just a little off. Surely they will see that if I point it out." Well, yeah, they already see it. The deviance is intentional. Can't wake up someone pretending to be asleep. (Got a bad case of the acktually gene.)

Is social media anti-social? It trains the user to put up false faces, and thus barriers to others.

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