Friday, April 30, 2021

America vs. Compassion

The motte for anti-racism, anti-ableism, destigmatizing mental illness and so on is supposed to be about the fact bullying is wrong. It's supposed to be about showing that America is a nice, empathetic society. This is entirely futile. 

Bullying really is wrong. Machiavelli: do no small harm. Either challenge them to a duel or leave them alone. Maybe in extremis seduce them into being your apprentice. If you bully someone successfully it means they were weak and all you proved by causing them harm is the fact you're too cowardly to go after targets that can fight back. The big cats will smell your fear.

If Americans weren't fundamentally bully-pro, they would notice and correct these errors without being told. It would happen only by mistake, not systematically. America denounces witches and heretics because there is no witch problem, and declares its compassion because there is a huge compassion problem. These initiatives only shift the kto kogo. Who shall be bullied, and who shall be protected. (Although not 'protected' exactly, but instead used as an excuse and discarded when convenient.) 

Because America could benefit from an anti-bullying program, it is impossible for America to have an anti-bullying program. 

The anti-bullying stuff piggybacked into the culture by pretending that it cared that unnecessary cruelty is dishonourable. It argued that executing heinous criminals was unnecessary, for example, and spidered out from there. In reality it was about bullying the executioner for being mean to their criminal friends. Sophist attacks which Christians had no defence against. 

The bully signals they won't fight back either, when the positions are reversed. Slave morality. Most likely works in reverse, too. All that holy victimization makes the slave stressed or something? It's not like abuse is wrong, it merely sanctifies, so if you want to indulge...

P.S. Jail is a way of increasing the burden on society that criminals manage to impose. Execution is a way of sharply limiting the burden.

That is why you can rely on California not to release its criminals entirely. That would be cheaper and less harmful overall. Too much graft would be forgone.

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