Friday, April 16, 2021

Truth as Opposed to Consequences

Conspiracy theories are always wrong, of course. (Btw I'll take the cheque in BTC, thanks CIA.)

Every education board in the entire Anglosphere thinks the same way, but only one gets fired for it. 

"After dismissing parents as pot smokers who only want schools reopened so they can “have their babysitters back” (rather refreshing for teachers’-union hacks to be so honest about their skill level), and threatening to “fuck up” any parents who try to force them back into the classroom, one “hero” suddenly realizes “oh no, this is public!” to which another replies in disbelief, “Nuh-uhhhh.”"

This upholds the deep American value that being a worthless criminal shithead is fine, but getting caught is gauche and prole and Just Not Done.

It's not like anyone is investigating. You're playing on easy mode and you still got caught. Wanker.

Not that they were wrong or anything. It's Oakley. They are potheads.

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Alrenous said...
"CNN director caught on a secret recording suggesting that reporting about black on Asian hate crimes would “set back” #BLM, which they wouldn’t want. This is what editors & producers say behind closed doors."

Excuse the linkage to a bluecheck-adjacent.

Americans always say something brutally corrupt behind closed doors, but American voters somehow never put 2 and 2 together. "What about the parts who haven't got caught yet?" No, the EPA and DoE must be pure angels of light, because they haven't been videotaped raping your dog yet.