Saturday, April 10, 2021

How-to: Amateur Brainwashing

With opponents like these, no wonder the Woke keep winning.

"The State is pushing moronic lies, so make sure you tell even more moronic lies, like, all the time! Also, be sure to lean heavily on [because I said so] """authority""" because that definitely worked at all any time ever.

"When the State wants to send your kid to brainwashing slave-training Madrassas, be sure to let them! But if they go slightly further in the Communist brainwashing than you received, be sure to find a new slave-training Madrassa! At no point consider maybe not treating your children like slaves, of course. Someone might look at you funny." 

American parents are so immature-narcissistic that they know all about what it's like to have children and nothing at all about what children are like. Signal how virtuously they parent instead of doing any actual parenting.

This is why I'm pro-Transgressive. Americans deserve it.


Alrenous said...

Malignant brain damage, or malignant jealousy? 🤔 What's your not-tall-enough-for-this-ride factor?

At best, it's an American hypnotized by seeming to the exclusion of being. Probably counts the kind of thing American philosopher professors do as philosophy. "Who is Aristotle tho?"

Alrenous said...

However, you have to admire the pure, innocent unselfconsciousness.
The man has no idea what he's saying. Blissfully ignorant of the logical content. All he knows is who will be pissed off if he says it, and it turns out he wants to piss those people off.