Saturday, April 10, 2021

Don't Spend Mind Time on the Irrelevant

Reminder that this nonsense is utterly irrelevant.

The phenomenon at hand kills 10-15 a year. Country of 300+ million.
Even if it killed more, nobody involved in this discussion will or can have any effect on the relevant policies.
The result of the trial in fact has no input regarding whether there will be more riots. 100% kto kogo. A guilty verdict will be an excuse to defund the police, and an acquittal will be an excuse to defund the police. The decision to riot will hinge on its propaganda value, which doesn't depend on the trial.

It's none of your business and if you don't have business of your own to attend to, then you have an urgent priority: get a life. 

Don't forget homicide, black-on-black, is easily the leading cause of life-expectancy loss among blacks. Quite a few more than one dozen grieving black mothers there. Defunding the police makes this worse. In the case of Ferguson, after which the effect is named, it peaked at four times worse. BLM == Blacks Love Murderers. They will continue to vote blue, so they must support this. More riots more better; they kill about 7 blacks a month in addition to billions of dollars of damage to formerly black-serving businesses.

Commies gonna commie.

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