Thursday, April 29, 2021

Christian Miscegenation

The Christian races are going to be destroyed by miscegenation, because they became way too communist. The Christian races became communist because of the Christian Church. I had previously been forced to concede that Christian outbreeding was good, but thankfully I have been able to recant. Coercion is indeed always bad.

When I say Christ was Antichrist all along, I am not joking, sarcastic, or in any way ironic. Can gods see 2000 years in the future? Of course. The end result was intentional. Christianity is a diabolical revenge enacted for some terrible sin of which I'm yet unaware. Christianity was Christian genocide from the start.

Communism and individualistic attitudes are in fact the same thing. (Real individualism, I shouldn't have to mention, is purely anti-communist, but biology doesn't care.) Outbreeding causes a race to widen the clan circle until the edges become too fuzzy and everyone is included. Clan means community. Community means that for which communist egalitarian rules should apply. 

This looks individualistic because instead of worrying about a family or clan unit, the fully Communized race worries about individuals. Each individual is equal, after all, and as such any policy that works on one individual must work on every individual, and thus be good for society as a whole.

It's often okay to meddle with your family, because you know them, in principle you love them, so you can forcibly interrupt some of their worst instincts without ending upactually interrupting all their best instincts. An outbred race feels all humanity is its family, and it's okay to meddle and be meddled with. 

White isn't a race. Christian is a race. The only reason Americans can't call it them Christian races is because, duh, crypto-Christians are in denial. Also it's good to distinguish full Hajnal Christian races and the lesser border races.

I still don't know how Christianity is supposed to have egalitarian doctrines inside the Bible, though. If someone could point them out, I would make fun of you for getting it wrong uh I mean appreciate it. Seriously I don't get it, kindly explain if it's not weird propaganda.

P.S. You do have to take the term coercion in a sophisticated way. Technically when you shoot a thief you're coercing them, but self-defence is a very different beast than the initiation of force (which also has to be taken in a sophisticated way, as it's so easy to spoof). 

P.P.S. At present I still have to admit that coercive cap-and-trade of acid rain seems to have properly limited acid rain. I don't know all that much about it, so there may still be a truckload of hidden problems. E.g. maybe most of the acid rain fell on government land and for once there was no conflict of interest; in fact self-defence. 

P.P.P.S. The sin that pissed Yeshua off so much may have been a future sin He already prevented via his terrible justice.


Jimmy said...

Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism

Chent said...

It took a lot of time for Christianity to effect genocide of the "Christian" races.

It is strange that Christian races started committing suicide just at the moment when they abandoned Christianity and when they did all kind of un-Christian things: sex outside marriage, contraception, abortion, etc.

In my country (Spain), when people where very much Christian, they expelled the Moors (Muslim people) because they were not Christian. Now, my country is completely anti-Christian and it welcomes Muslim immigration, in name of secularism.

It's like you blame Buddhism for Mao's massacres.

Alrenous said...

That's a social move, not a scholastic move. As it happens I think social games are stupid and refuse to play.

BSRK Aditya said...

I propose a compromise. Christianity, or any other relegion could be endogamous or exogamous wrt race.

In 2021, wrt white race, is Christianity endogamous or exogamous? With endogamous being better, *so long as the total population of the group is increasing*

There are:

1) White Christians
2) White non-Christians
3) Non-white Christians
4) Non-white non-Christians

(Above not a ranking)

Who has higher endogamy & is also increasing in population? That group is the best.