Thursday, April 15, 2021

Humanism is Anti-humanism

Should have been the null hypothesis in the first place. The political null hypothesis is always that the opposite obtains. Welfare spreads malaise, CDC spreads disease, DoD is for attacking domestics, etc. 

If you don't think America is secular humanist, I'm sorry, you have brain cancer. It's terminal. My condolences.

Problem: humans have a hard-wired threshold for how good something has to be before it is respectable. Someone who is nasty to everyone, appreciates nothing, steals constantly, and can't even show up on time, will never be respectable. 

Hence, to worship Humanity properly, (vox populi, vox dei,) humanists either have to turn a blind eye to the brutish nature of humans, or have to go into the humanist version of the Gnostic fallacy. There is no way to believe that default humanity is even remotely worthy of worship. Humanists are liars or insane. (In shocking news for everyone, false religion drives you crazy. Are you shocked? I'm shocked!)

"They're trying! They're doing their best! Lots of sincere folks in government!" This is also the mindset that makes single women and old people invite gangs of male, military-aged immigrants into their house. This is also the mindset of someone who likes Humanity but is distinctly violent to any human in particular. The human hasn't lived up to the divine standards of Humanity, which is clearly an excuse to bully them. Right? Right. 

Christians are super skittish about what exactly the Gnostic fallacy is, because they have to lie about it. I figured it out though: it's believing that God is Satan and Satan is God, because the Bible was in fact written by Satan. Certainly this belief is worthy of the bile they spew onto it. (Real Gnostics were more sophisticated, though it is also true they often did things which pissed Gnon off, and got wrecked, due to thinking isomorphic to identifying Gnon as Satan.)

Environmentalism is of course a strain of Christianity, except it's humanist Christianity and it's gone thing-which-is-called-Gnostic. Humanity clearly hasn't lived up to the standards of Humanity, and must have been Satan all along. As opposed to those silly numinous Satans, this imminent Satan can be destroyed. Like the Gnostics wanted to destroy the Demiurge's veil, except the environmentalists' veil is made of people. (Naturally an unprincipled exception will obtain. If they did manage to become omnicidal they would forgive themselves of being Human due to special gnosis. Nobody who thinks half of humanity should kill themselves is willing to go first.) 

In short humanism inevitably makes you a vile person. Even worse than default humanity, which is saying something.

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