Thursday, May 11, 2023

Yeshua Was a Criminal

I could have delivered Yeshua's message without getting crucified.

Hey, fun fact: I'm not the creator god.
In fact, I'm a sperg. I have a handicap.

It's mainly matter of wording. Or, generally, a matter of not suffering terminal social incompetence. You have to be worse than autistic. Or downright malicious. 

Yeshua was executed because he was a criminal, not because he 'told the truth' or whatever the local Satanist cope is. He was executed because the Romans weren't entirely cringe yet, and thought liars should end up with their head on a spike. Rome defected on a defector, instead of trying to "rehabilitate" him or attend to his ""grievances.""

Saying the creator god is as stupid, evil, or crippled* as Yeshua was counts as some epic-tier blasphemy.

*(But I repeat myself; Socrates was right)

P.S. The problem with blasphemy, contra Jehovah, isn't that the god gets jealous. Of a mortal? kek. The problem is that blasphemy is self-mutilation. The god isn't punishing you, you are punishing yourself. Which means it's automatic. Who are you going to appeal to? Yourself? The logic of Existence? It's already done. You can't uncut on your toe or finger.

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