Sunday, May 14, 2023

Leftism and its Consequences Have Been a Disaster for the Bantu Race

Ted Kaczynsky was a loser moron. 

He clearly wanted something to happen. What actually happened: he got jailed and will rot there until he dies. 

Did you even know he is still alive? I didn't. I had to check.

Christianity and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. Kaczynsky bought the Satanist distraction toward creation and trade. Kaczynsky saw Communism and its consequences, and blamed it on manufacturing plants, because he is a fucking idiot. 

Kaczynsky looks like a raving homeless bum because he's psychotic. Stereotype accuracy, and Ockham right again. His plan was on par with this: "I need more milk for tea. I will bomb the local pub." *bang* "Weird, this didn't result in groceries, and now men in blue and/or with unusual white jackets are here for me. idgi"

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