Sunday, May 14, 2023

A King Who Disallows Weapons in the Room is a Coward, not a King

Cowards can't be kings. 

Cowards are violent and treacherous; it's not the armed man you need to be wary of, but the man who wishes to disarm. 

The cowards admits up front that he is weak. Believe him. He will become deranged with fear. He will panic and lash out. Execute the loser before he makes a mess. 


Not that non-cowards exist these days.
Perhaps you could say democracy arises because there are no kings which could maintain a kingdom.


Anonymous said...

what are your thoughts on this stuff?

Alrenous said...

As with colour theory, it's a good idea to come up with a framework but you have to remember it's a ridiculous oversimplification. The domain doesn't span the entire range. Expect exceptions.

Take a look at a diagram of the endocrine system. The endocrine system is one of the foundations of behaviour, and as such any true theory of developmental stages would have to be as complex as a chart of the endocrine system.

That said I've never found the stage theory useful. I've never looked at someone and said, "Ah, this situation makes more sense if I realize they're at stage Y." As such I don't think it's even worth critiquing.

Science replicates. So here's my criticism: it hasn't replicated yet, I don't even need to consider debunking it. Kegan needs to earn trust and hasn't.

Wait, I do have something: most adults are nonverbal. Not merely illiterate, they don't even know what words mean. If stage theory is at all accurate, almost everyone is stage 1 and the authors of stage theory are fantasy authors. They're stoned off their rockers. Utterly blitzed.

P.S. Systematicity is unnatural and can be extremely unpleasant. Being wrong is unpleasant; you're just a Satanist. Actually logic is better than being a retard i.e. you.

Anonymous said...

thank you