Monday, May 15, 2023

Don't: Rebel Against God, Do: Rebel Against Humanity

Some virtue is part of every vice, and every good lie involves some truth. As such Satan was always fond of opposite-day doctrines, where everything was right except for some inversion. 

Helpfully humanity has become Humanist, which makes the inversion easier. The more Humane something is, the more Human Rights it is, the less you should do it. For example 'humane' slaughter always seems to involve ever-greater animal suffering, turning you into an enthusiastic torturer. To be a good human, you must rebel against religion, just like Milton said; although, unlike Milton, to get that formulation working correctly you have to see Humanism as core doxa, not as heresy. 

To even remotely have a chance of being a worthy, honourable, brave cooperator, you must rebel against Satan, and his rightful minions, the humans.

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