Saturday, May 20, 2023

The First Communist was the Bank

The bank, specifically the fractional-reserve bank, was the first Communist. 

We're dumb for expecting anything else. Banks are Capitalist, right? Well, that's exactly what the commies want us to think, now isn't it?

Deposit accounts are free. That's Communism. The bank was the first internet. The first blog, the first twitter, the first youtube account. Or I suppose the first "ad-supported" TV network.

An account at a solvent bank costs you money. You have to pay for the bank officers' time. However, solvent banks have been illegal since 1694. Insolvent banks can easily afford to pay you for the privilege of "safeguarding" your money, because it's not like they're paying you their own money. Getting something for nothing, eating without having to work: these ideas were legitimized in this culture hundreds of years ago at the latest.

You're getting a service, for better than free. Obviously it's a scam. It's irresponsible. It's Communism. 

As with all Communism, you do still pay for it. Chamley and Judd were exactly correct about their redistribution impossibility theorem. You just pay for it with bites out of your retirement plan, with recessions, and with inflation. As always, taking out a debt costs more than paying for it up front. The less you pay at the start, the more you pay at the end, up to and including paying with your life.
Don't bank with insolvent banks, noobs.

Doing it this way, on the best day, encourages the betters and more capables to spend time gaming the financial system instead of spending time creating useful wealth. 

The point of an insolvent bank is to steal your money. They pay you interest on your demand account so you leave it in there long enough for them to secure the getaway car. Proudhon said property is theft because Proudhon was a thief, because Communism is robbery. It's weird if you see any of it again, and sooner or later the account will stop being weird.

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