Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Theology is Neighbourism

Studying the gods systematically makes exactly as much sense as studying your next-door neighbour systematically.

What if you move away? "There's been a great upheaval in the field of neighbourology!" Why, practically every paper is going to fail to replicate...

What if they move away? Is it a paradigm shift?
Alternatively, you have a nonbureaucratic, personal relationship with your neighbour. "I'm moving away." "Thanks for letting me know." Likely they'll introduce you to whoever bought their house.

Proselytism is just weird. "Let me tell you all about my next-door neighbour." Um...what? Not even self-promotion? What is this creepy fascination? "It is morally wrong not to know all about my next-door neighbour." Instead, I'm fairly sure it's morally wrong for proselytizers to have surviving grandchildren.

Monotheism: "I have exactly one neighbour." Monotheistic theology: "I have exactly one neighbour, and we should all obsessively study him."
Yeah if you act like that, you're going to end up like...

Atheism: "I have no neighbours."
Yes, starting with that attitude, the universe will seem cold and empty and indifferent.

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