Thursday, May 18, 2023

Democray Really Does Give it to Them Good and Hard: On Rhetorical-Military Balance of Power

Oh shit guys I worked it out.

Democracy is real: there are more psycho lords than honourable lords. 


I can't personally take over the US government because it only takes one psycho lord to stop me, and meanwhile the other psycho lords go on being sadistic. Attempting such a thing is merely a waste of my time and/or life.

What if I had a buddy, though? Then it would take two psycho lords to stop us. Two attacks would require two counters.

What if I had more buddies than there were psycho lords? Then we would win. Whoever wasn't stopped would outmanoeuvre with impunity. It is in fact possible to take over USG using only words. And that's exactly what they're so afraid of. They can stop any military coup but they can't stop a determined rhetorical coup of sufficient size without undermining their own rhetorical justification for legitimacy. If you claim to rule because you're the hottest, you can't outlaw someone for being hotter than you are without breaking the system. It's a basic fact of Satanism that the divine and sacred can always use the Satanists' lies against the Satanist, forcing them to either accept defeat or defeat their own lies.

They're constantly paranoid that finally a quorum of honourable lords have banded together to oppose them. "Are they hiding in this KKK cell!??! The wignats?!?? The Proud Boys?!?!?!!?!?"
They're sure it's going to happen at any moment, as it's obviously the only rational response to their parasitism.

It's ridiculous, but they feel neither love nor joy, so fear has driven them insane. Psycho lords be psycho.

It really is just a vote. America is stable (as stable as evil can be) because being irresponsible and sadistic is more popular than being honourable and benevolent. Insanity is more popular than sanity. Delusion is more popular than Reality. Which, indeed, is how a region like America or Rome arises in the first place. Failure is more popular than success. Aggregate intent.

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