Monday, May 15, 2023

Outlaw the Law and Jail the Jail System

 If you’re going to start prosecuting financial crime, you have to start with Congress. Congress legalized counterfeiting for the so-called private entity known as the Federal Reserve. Using modern American standards of so-called criminal justice, this branch of government must be jailed, having flagrantly violated its duties of care.

 The legalized crimes are far more serious than any de jure lawbreaking. Prosecuting SVB officers is like jailing drug pushers; the mafia dons are still there. Jailed drug pushers constitutes nothing but an additional expense for the crime syndicate, which it will pass on to drug addicts.

 Naturally there are serious treacheries in the Executive and the Senate as well, so the first step must be to exact criminal justice on the criminal justice system. Once the jail system is in jail, you can start prosecuting the lawmakers. 

Unless the lawmakers are outlawed, crime will remain legal.

 There are reasons the lawmakers are criminals, having to do with, frankly obvious, flaws in the design. Nobody would make a government like the American government unless they intended to criminally parasitize on the associated country. The problem isn't corrupt congresscritters, the problem is that Congress is an inherently Communist structure that you have to violently pervert if you want it not to persecute the innocent.

 They get away with it because it’s designed to let Officials get away with things.

 Technically this is an improvement. The previous design, Rome, had that whole [crossing the Rubicon] incident, presaging the year of five emperors. If you prosecute Republican government Officials when they break the law, they tend to mount military revolts rather than submit to prosecution. 

 Republican Officials are inherently criminal. Legislation is inherently a crime. The rules made this way will inherently protect trespass and reinforce violation.

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