Saturday, May 27, 2023

Nothing More Sacriligious Than Believing the State Can't Sin

"The idea that God and state are opposed would be bizarre to most cultures."

Yet that is what causes them to fall. All regimes recorded in history were profane, black governments. The only deity who didn't inherently oppose them was Satan, the fall guy.

Rome would not have fallen if its temples hadn't accepted government sponsorship.

America would not be falling if its universities hadn't accepted government sponsorship.

Black government is treachery. Loot stolen by fraud is never holy, and cannot support a hallowed institution. In extremis, the whole society will be destroyed by the the desire of the sacred to separate from such a poisonous diet. If you insist on trying to feed your gods blasphemy, the heavens will destroy the blasphemer, and if that's everyone, well, so be it.

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