Sunday, May 14, 2023

If Anti-Lordship Wasn't Natural, They Would Have Invented It

Repeating for emphasis, anti-lordship really is natural in a lord-starved society.

If you try to make a foolproof procedural system, peasants will always respond by incisively creating a better fool. They cover gaps with such celerity it's honestly impressive. If you try to make a [don't feed your cows garbage] system, they will create endless proliferations of garbage feed that doesn't quite look like garbage to the system. They are an eternal fountain of innovatioin, as long as you want new and exciting fuckups. Once you reject the system of, "Do what the lord says, dumbass," you have to simply accept that things will be done in foolish ways and mandate one of the less-foolish ones.

Even if a foolproof procedural system were possible, it would require a non-peasant to administrate it due to the complexity required to handle the myriad varieties of foolishness, and as such you might as well have that lord manage the peasants directly. The only possible solution pre-supposes you don't have the problem it's designed to solve. There's no such thing as a wisdom prosthetic. The only way to act wise is to become wise.


In addition to the system's hostility, Egalitarians strategically attack anyone being obviously lordly. The tall nail gets hammered down. If the peasant-mitigation system didn't suppress lordship as a natural and inherent side-effect, it would have to be re-designed to artificially suppress lordship.

If you make quality milk, they will claim it doesn't have FDA approval, and FDA approval will require that you adulterate the quality. Guilds are alive and well, but they're called cartels now because this version tries to minimize its reputation instead of maximizing it.
Want to make a school composed entirely of 1-on-1 tutoring? Sure it's expensive, but it's not like nobody can afford it? Too bad, it violates some "guideline" or another.
What if I wanted to make luxury $10,000-per-unit videogames for the private-jet crowd? "Give me $200,000 and I'll make a game for you specifically. Others can play it too if they want, I guess." Can you imagine the wall-to-wall outrage? It would have to be a black market product, worse than pornography in Victorian times. "Did you manage to score some cocaine?" "Get outta here with that weak sauce...I have VG." "Oh shit nobody saw you come in right?" You can list it on Steam but it will only get bought by accident or to piss someone off. I assume you'll get audited by the IRS. Twice. In one day.

When a psycho lord decides lying is awesome as long as he gets paid, the best way to camouflage himself is to produce dysfunction, decay, erosion, or malpractice. As long as it looks ghastly enough, nobody will suspect the psycho lords are abusing the system for their own ends - especially not any peasants. Keep the real revenue stream suitably hidden, nobody gets jealous, everyone is happy. Until the great depression or Detroit turns into a wasteland or...  

They say the aristocrats don't have better cars than the peasantry, but this isn't because the peasants can afford quality these days, it's because get-what-you-pay-for transportation is illegal. Instead you're allowed gaudy nouveau riche version of peasant cars. They cost a lot of money because they are wasteful.

Helicopters sound and look awful. Why not private blimps? Why don't CEOs blimp into work? Helium is way too expensive for mass blimping, but price is no object here; they don't have to realize hydrogen can be safe.
"You get the train conductor to drive for you? Oh you have a private chauffeur? That's nice, haha."
>fuck traffic lol

Try to carjack someone who blimps to work, kek.
Walkable cities trolololololo - there's no nonviolent land access at all to either their gated community or their office.
"Houseboat? I live in the fucking air, bitch."

So, why not? Because the tall nail gets hammered down. If someone blimps to work we know exactly who to excoriate in the press, now don't we? Who needs to donate their entire net worth to charity and the Democratic Party unless they want an anti-trust suit? Hey guys, I figured it out...
If you didn't bring enough for the whole class, you don't get any. If even one person isn't allowed to have nice things, nobody is allowed to have nice things. If even one person is saved from jealousy, it's worth immiserating the entire country.

You can have immigrants instead. Lol. The rich gotta get differential luxury somehow.
Gee why aren't you grateful, haha. Are you racist or something, kek? We're just trying to help, hue hue.

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