Sunday, May 28, 2023

Women are Whores so Red Pill = Professional John

"I pay for sex, but, like, as a job." Do you lose money on the sale but make it up in volume?

Specifically, Fascist women are all raised to be whores, so the red pill "man"osphere is competing to be the Johnniest John who ever Johnned. "I can be such a great john this whore doesn't take any other clients!" Sounds...expensive?

Like, bro, just pay a whore upfront. This is degrading. 

Like, at least try sexing overt streetwalkers or escorts so you can tell when you get a freebie. Being good enough that you can get a professional to go pro bono is kind of impressive. Degenerate, but I'm grading on a curve here. Given you're a Democratic Man in Late Empire, that does put you in the top toppy percent. 

Thanks, though. Your reports have been quite useful for studying female psychology. I appreciate you taking one for the team? Bang that hoe! None of the rest of us has to touch her, great!

Just, stop trying to pretend husbands are impressed by your johnning skills. None of the rest of us want whores pretending to be sophisticated courtesans. If nothing else, she's charging too much. Lass, go downmarket, you're not worth it. Johns, stop trying to pretend you're doing anything but paying for sex, but with fancy window dressing instead of hard cash.

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